You Can Build a Deck On Your Own

Image by Moosicorn via Flickr Imagine the years of enjoyment and pride you’ll enjoy after building your own deck. There is nothing like the sense of accomplishment you get from a DIY project well done, not to mention all the compliments! Let’s get started with the basics of building a simple, yet functional deck. You’ll.. read more →

Hardwood Decking End Wax – Is It Necessary?

Most hardwood decking installation professionals will suggest using end wax to seal the ends of boards before installation. For the impatient consumer, this may seem like a time-consuming, unnecessary step. This misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. End wax is the best way to prevent end checking, also called cracking. The following are the.. read more →

Deck Maintenance: Cleaning Up After a Storm

Image by DJ SINGH via Flickr This winter promises to be a harsh one for the Pacific Northwest, and winter storms can be hard on a composite or cedar deck. Here’s a checklist of things to do after a storm to keep your decking material in the best shape possible: Survey the Damage Before taking.. read more →

Using Tongue and Groove Decking For Your Porch or Deck

Image via Wikipedia Your porch is one of the first things everyone sees as they approach your front door. What kind of impression do you want to make? If one of your home improvement goals is to renovate your front porch, you need to know the best materials to use. After all, your porch is.. read more →

Non-Slip Decking Materials for Pools

Is there such a thing as non-slip decking materials? There are many questions when it comes to choosing the right decking materials for your pool deck. What’s the safest material to use? Is there such a thing as non-slip plastic decking? What’s a hardwood that actually resists splinters? Along with aesthetic issues such as whether.. read more →

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