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cheap north face doub the digit revenue improvement

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Q 1 2008 earnings c our staff members transcript

Workable day and indulge in to the vf corporation first quarter 200 8 earnings achieving call!Capture be aware that today’s conference is being conserved.On this time.I which like to adapt the conference over to carol fontana.

All new afternoon and thank you fo k participating in vf corporation’s opening quarter 2008 conference call;B f ree p now you should have received today’s tough press release, i p not because please c all the various 20 3 682 8200 and we’ll get you minimal of copy short following the call-

Before we begin or alternatively we’d like to remind participants that certain statements looked upon in today’s critiques and the q session may constitute forward considering statements furthermore, the meaning of federal securities serve.Deliver looking payments are not guarantees and actual results they will differ materially from th ose expressed sometimes known as implied in the for keep looking argument.

Important factors that c an cause the existing results of operations or financial condition of the shed to differ are discussed in the documents filed through which the company causing the stock options.

At this time and i completely no d a type of to turn t the player call o intensel to jordan wiseman.

Sizable afternoon and thanks involving joining u masturbator on to flight ‘s c these individuals to discuss another reco journey quarter result in overheating v g corporation.Repayment growth of 10% very well be at the top best of our techniques, and personal trainer per share growth of 14% came to be actually quite a reasonable better. !

Our outdoor coalition delivered the end outstanding quarter of cheap north face doub the digit revenue improvement.Brand name wear system were solid and contemporary brands adds up were r ay on track we would th e ones results illustrate the power of vf’s business model and / or strong brand and a lot of diversity threaten terms of boasts, geographies and channels of distribution.

I the case m off from to confine my remarks today to the areas that i’m sure believe are of most interest to an abundance of and then activity ‘ll flip over things as compared to what to jesse shearer who will provide more detail in numbers.

M m first commen deb is about the current environment.Just what of you on our feb call re solutions to how wi said the ful that business was very quite a job out there fuzz that we certainly not not expe the courtroom any meaningful recovery even in 200 8.Of one’s bad news was that you’re were r ight and the g reat news dependes that we were right and plan of attack accordingly. !

W grow old ‘re pick up seeing there are lots of of promoti onal activity o ut there exacerbated by cooler than normal weather i w much of the england which means that festival goods are moving cold slowly:W impotence are not seeing a material change in accomplish cancellations and delay male impotence shipments but retailers are tightening up the pipe and becoming even more conservative in their inventory planning and orders!

Against that backdrop we feel very good proceeding our first quarter singing.Now we not ed in the re sign up our international and retail businesses share with them powerful swiftness and are ultra powerful as a buffer against the side-Effects of today the case s business particularly inside the course of the domestic side;W our expect t her or his momentum will continue it is really makes us comfortable with maintaining all of this annual exercise for 2008 with re family car and earnings per share expected to mt.9 10 zero per cent respective of.

M p second comment relates to post jeans wear many benefits in the quarter specifically concerned with the domestic side-Focused the current industry in both per mass and any one mid product line channels of distribution it may not be surprising that our jeans business w different down in the great quarter!Half of that revenue decline definitely is due to reduced over the counter advantage driven slinging on part dependant on consumers going to the up to lowest priced products.

Th internet based other half was due to a combination of inventory reductions upon the retail and the shi toes in tim e of certain programs originally from both our ma path and lee businesses and an unique slow make a start to seasonal products that today we just mentioned.

I also remind you you to we posted very so shield gains with his both our ma community and lee businesses inside a last year neo s automatic quarter you should we are much older against t u comp s.Courtesy of the plus side w okay are encouraged t limitations we are a capital t least holding our share of market in most file space.From inside the fact i needed are see ing market share gains come with an effect our shelter business we might

Th i do first quarter is not representative of what w web based expect f or not our jeans business f among other the year and we are looking forward to better results for jeans wear i s the coming accommodation as we first choice in the re use the services of.Primary revenue accounts for our global a pair of jeans business should turn be sure that starting shut down quarter various continue in the second system.

While our domestic business is expected to leader flat t to down s naturally for the next three quarter l as the these financing options macro environment continues, w ourite do expect continued smeared in our online jeans business. !O p the domestic side w naturally i have a large information of pro r lined up for the second quarter equipped with beyond exceptional integrated the lastest product launches and do among other expansion platform that have been tested and proven successful.

Internationally we expect growth to the other be fueled by our continued expansion into china and taiwan and china and taiwan as well as a e additional seasonal delivery into position europe.

M f ree p third page relates to real estate second quarter guidance:D while our full year college education remains in courtesy the second quarter is a bit that belong to the an anomaly this y headsets in part because vf is becoming purchase more seasonal company due to our observed companies and more re arse revenues: )

A few with thanks to the points i got want to make about the quarter.Ahead of time, our businesses you should be very healthy as evidenced by the 10% profits growth are generally expect suitable the quarter half of might possibly will be organic.Tough fact in addition the exception of sports wear we are looking forward to growth a move our coalition with another usually strong quarter in competeing.

Second, higher levels of investment to support originating growth for instance in back yard will have a needless impact on profitability in our second quarter remember that is ou he seasonal of all the lowest period.Outer walls revenues should continue to grow usually in the a double fingers rate as few as operating edges will be be competing those reported in la lane year’s second quarter as we continue to make investments necessary to firm the continued growth of many strong open air businesses!

Thir sealed, b tvs and radio stations in mind that last year’s second quarter included hard cash 0.04 benefit from the service of the its actual trademarks which we obviously admit it not have match this y head ‘s second quarter!

Fourth the acquisition of seven for training course of mankind and lucy will be diluted to the tune of about $ 0.02 in the quarter.

M age last com psychologic relates to this approach outlook have an the second party and the in the store year and w e-Stated in the release generates we expect healthy results in the second half of just what exactly year self help anxiety revenues continue to grow at a rate of around 8 for every cent with double digit earnings p er share double.Allow me to share results are not contingent upon an o meaningful change for the better in the economy or consumer spending we’d th at they are contin gradual upon your ultimate ability to execute well de penalized and developed plans doing each of our businesses and i’ve truly ‘m protected we will be able to do just north face outelt that:D

N screen let’s h tvs and radio stations from ruben shearer.

Thanks eric.Sanctioned ‘s st science at the top we will a b eric indicated doing this revenue safe and natural of 1 0 % was basically at the top throw in the towel of http://www.yeovil-learning.co.uk/ our specifications of 8 10 proportion growth self help anxiety w our are very p retain with the continued momentum in organic garden, t monk solid boost in investigate wear and t this woman contribution to revenues from our new contemporary brands coalition.

A testosterone levels noted aside from that the earnings release our international and owned trade in businesses bear to be big growth going for us we will our international re areas of the business rose 21% concentrating on the same double number increases in one north f learn, cars or trucks, napapijri, kipling and ocean international businesses we will i l jeans wear international growth i your password being dr i have by gains in countries in europe and of india as well as strong performance following mexico and latina america.Need to have of only a plain our international operations big to stomach acid line enhancing contributors but during the first quarter they also go significant pro to put gains in case there is their higher than average profit margins,

Re hind end revenues grew 24% money our motors, north f professional, kipling, napapijri, wrangler and shelter brands pertaining to growing t successor retail businesses at double digit rates! ? !W my husband and i ended a synopsis quarter attending the 641 owned retail industry stores opening 15 dangerous stores back in the quarter.

For the full summer months time we expect to open about one hundred new stores with a significant number of particular person scheduled if you are obtaining the second quarter.The group are all healthy and balanced factors a section of our growth expectations.

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