09 Dec 2010

There are many -a -contractors directory on the internet. But what is a contractor directory anyway? Which ones should you join and which should you avoid?

In cyber-speak a directory refers to any website consisting of business listings organized under different categories. Some directories are broad and include many categories, while others consist of one main niche. For example, home improvement is one of the more popular directory categories either existing as part of a broader directory or as a stand alone niche. A directory needs business listings, and often set up their sites in a way that encourages registrations by businesses. Savvy contractors seeking to build up traffic to their own sites are wise to take advantage of free contractors directory sites by locating these sites and registering their company information on those sites. In fact, free directory submission is considered best practices for increase search engine rankings and should be ongoing.

Some contractor sites have options for paid memberships or are pay per lead. But contractors should be aware of the pitfalls of sites that promise contractor leads as a paid service. Contractors need to understand how the lead program works before signing up. Most sites parse out leads to multiple contractors, reselling the same lead to multiple contractors. This practice while lucrative for the contractor lead service, can cause frustration among member contractors who cannot contact the customers in time and do not get the job as a result.

Contractors are wise to research the intricacies of any lead service or contractors directory they are thinking of joining, paying close attention to the specific lead generation and distribution method of the site.

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