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In House DesignIn building a home some people will hire a separate architect/designer and a separate builder. What results can often be disastrous, as the intents of the designer are misinterpreted, miscommunications arise, and corners are cut. When building your future home, you do not want to gamble with this process, hoping that the figurative (or literal) wires get crossed and something minor, but important, or something major, and vital, goes wrong with the process of building your home. Thus O&S Building and Remodeling encourages our clients to look at the advantages of utilizing the option of bringing us on in both the designing and building process.



Having the designer of a home also overseeing the building of it is an invaluable addition to the process of building a home.  Costly mistakes can be made when a builder misunderstands the intent of a design, resulting in having to go back and laboriously undoing previous work and increasing cost. With an in house design team that O&S Building can supply, that kind of fiasco can be averted.



With O&S Building and Remodeling in house design team, you’ll ensure that the same minds and the same hands will be taking care of your home from conception to completion. You will not have to worry that what you communicate to our team will be lost down the line because it was communicated to separate parties, or to one group and not the other. You will have a unified team, and what the left hand will know what the right hand is doing. Communication, unity, and purpose will all be retained with our in house design team.



O&S Building and Remodeling have been in business for 30 years. We are expert builders in our field and have expertly weathered through bubbles, recessions, and calamities, while remaining strong and hearty in our business. Our record and our experience speak for themselves.  We bring intelligence, creativity, expertise, and seasoned experience to the table. Our designers, architects, engineers and builders will bring your vision to a reality, without any problematic divisions. We are one team, with one goal in mind… to make your dream home a reality.


With O&S Building and Remodeling you get the best of both worlds. You get the brilliant minds of engineers and designers which can both execute the technical needs and the creative details of the design process, while also having the expert, steady hands that can make those visions into realities. It is a win/win situation for all involved as we work with you as one team to actualize the home that you have always wanted. When you bring O&S Building and Remodeling into your corner, you get a team that intimately understands the entire process of building you the best home possible.


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