11 Feb 2011

Installing skylights is a technical task that requires that you know about construction, its different mediums and metrics, and that you are handy with certain tools and applications. If you are looking to install a skylight in your home, it is advised that you always look to professionals to get the job done properly, unless you really are confident in what you are doing.

Professional skylight installers can easily design and install the skylight of your dreams and add that special ambience to a particular room. If you do feel that you have the necessary know-how to install a skylight, this simple overview should better help you along the way.

How to Install a Skylight:
• Cut the main hole: Most skylights come with a template for you to use. Follow the template provided and cut a hole next to a rafter for your skylight so that you can install it. You should use a circular saw to cut through any sheeting and then cut the corners using a reciprocating saw. Make sure to set aside any shingles for future usage.
• Install the mounting clips and skylight: Next you will install your skylight by mounting it to the mounting clips and screwing them into place.
• Flashing: To install the flashing make sure to push the flanges underneath what is called the “drip edge” of your skylight, and then nail the corners in place on the bottom. Under each lap make sure that you install roofing cement so that they are secured to the roof; this will reduce any points of water leakage in your skylight.
o Step flashing: Cut your step flashing at the bottom to about once inch across and then fold at a 90 degree angle, and tuck in the folds on each side of the skylight, ensuring that it’s placed underneath the drip edge.
o Top flashing: Tilt the lip of your top flashing kit so that it’s over the lip of your skylight and then press it inwards. This will create a water seal beyond the edge of your skylight. Nail the corners to the roof and seal the seam with silicon where the top flashing and the step flashing meet.
• Insulation: You will need to add insulation to the trim; usually installing foam insulation around the jamb is the best method.

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