Cedar Shingles and Shake


cedar shakes and shinglesCedar shingles or shakes add beauty and charm to any home.  The distinctive warm look is hard to beat.  O&S uses only the best, #1-rated Blue Label treated or untreated cedar products, and you can choose medium or heavy thicknesses or even a tapersawn (beveled on the edges) variety as well.

We have installed many cedar shingle and shake roofs and will ensure the appropriate air circulation needed and required for wooden roofs.  If applied properly, a cedar shake or cedar shingle roof will provide a high level of protection for 25-50 years even under the most severe weather conditions.  The beauty of cedar shingle  and shake will also enhance the value of your home.

Some areas, however, have building codes that restrict the use of wooden roofs, requiring the use of fireproof materials. O&S Roofing and Remodeling always consults local codes prior to beginning any project.  In these cases our metal shake and shingle would be an attractive alternative.


“Did You Know?” – We carry a full line of metal roofing and lightweight tile that looks like cedar shingles and shake.  


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